Job Description

If you are a passionate individual, skilled in your field and a fast learner, then you will probably be a great fit for our team. If you are looking to expand your capability and learning, hop on our firm and will be a perfect fit.

You will fit right in if you:
•    Are passionate, almost OCD about simplified, clean, readable and highly maintainable code
•    Have experience working with Git
•    Enjoy learning, sharing and applying new skills
•    Can communicate concisely, frankly and clearly
•    Have critical thinking and problem-solving abilities
•    Can contribute to developing a company’s culture to make it a more efficient and fun place to work

Job Requirements

The candidate is expected to have the following skill set:
•    Experience with Javascript and/or Typescript
•    Excellence working with HTML/CSS and any frontend framework; we currently use Vuejs, Vuetify and Bootstrap (we accept suggestions if they improve efficiency and user experience)
•    Experience with Vue is an added advantage
•    Production experience in backend programming languages; we use Elixir and some Python
•    3+ years working in an enterprise software engineering team
•    Comfortable working with any relational database in SQL
•    Any relevant experience with Elixir (production or pet projects) is a significant added advantage